2-in-1 Pet Feeding Drinking Fountain

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Flower Waterfall Design

Running water attracts your pet's attention, making it more fun to drink. Our cat water fountain simulates natural spring water, giving your pet more freshness and no longer hate drinking water.

Quadruple Filtration System

  • Activated carbon removes bad taste and odor
  • Ion exchange resin could soften the tap water
  • The cotton layer could filter hair and impurities
  • Environmentally friendly shell fixes the filter and screens out impurities. All of them provide clean water and health to pets.

3L Large Capacity

Fluffytempo Pet Water Fountain has a large effective drinking space, it's suitable for cats, puppies, and medium dogs. The transparent base is visualized, which is convenient for you to store water in time and know your pet's water intake.

Sleep Level Mute

The pump is ultra quiet, measured below 40 dB. Even if it is placed in the bedroom, it will not affect the quality of sleep. Friendly to kids, old men, maternal, and person sensitive to noise.

Easy To Assemble & Clean

 We provide instructions inside the product, so you can easily follow the steps to assemble it. The cat water fountain comes with 3 replacement filters. For your pet's health, it's recommended to change the filters and clean the pump and fountain every 2-4 weeks. 

Instructions for Pump Cleaning

Cleaning the pump can extend the long life of the pump, we recommend you clean the pump every half a month, which can prevent dirt from blocking the waterway, resulting in clogged waterways, poor water quality, noise, and other abnormal phenomena.

Product Measurements:

*This data was obtained by manually measuring the product, it may be off by 1-2 INCH (2-3CM).


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Customer Reviews

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Kim k.

I love this! The bowl is a decent size and because of the tank, the water and food is raised up for my cat. Not super noisy - basically what you would expect from a small fountain.

Fabiana C.

This is honestly such a convenient design. 2 in one! I'm honestly really impressed by how big it is and how much water it can hold. You can see its comparison to my 12lb cat in my picture!

Gabriela C.

My cat has always liked drinking water from a running faucet. Now he has something similar in his bowl.

Sigal S.

I love this water fountain! My cat would always scoot her water bowl across the floor and leave a trail of water behind it. This eliminates that problem and provides her with filtered drinking water all day. Added bonusshe likes to play with the flower.

Jennifer C.

So far so good! Easy to set up and so far our cat loves it!! No more drinking from the bathtub hopefully