Cat Easy Hair Two-way Roller

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Color: Green


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Trims your feline's fur FAST!

Say goodbye to traditional lint rollers and their adhesive papers--the Cat Easy Hair Two-way Roller revamps the way to de-fur! It's an exciting and effective way to remove your pet's hair with no fuss!

Eliminates fur from any surface with ease!

Your furry friend's fur will be a distant memory with the Cat Easy Hair Two-Way Roller - just roll it around a few times and watch the fur disappear!

Reusable again & again—no sticky residue needed!

Say goodbye to sticky tapes and adhesive papers with the Cat Easy Hair Two-way Roller - it's washable and reusable for all your hair removal needs!

No need for juice or volts!

The Cat Easy Hair Two-way Roller needs no batteries, cords, or plugs - just roll it back and forth and the fur and fluff be tucked into the dustbin!

Water won't be a problem

Our Cat Easy Hair Two-way Roller can manage even if a splash of water comes its way. You won't have to worry if your cat "accidentally" knocks it into the kitchen sink.

Product information:

  • Color:  Green、Blue、Yellow
  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 22 * 6* 5.5cm
  • Applicable scenarios: home sofa, bedding, carpet, cushion, etc

Packing list:

  • Cat Easy HairTwo-way Roller*1
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Green, Blue, Yellow


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