Large Capacity Cat Litter Scooper


Color: with box

with box
with 2pc poop bag
10 rolls

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Looking for an easier, more convenient way to clean your cat's litter box?

Our cat litter scoop is the perfect solution, with an attached waste bin and waste bag that make cleaning a breeze. The scoop is the perfect size for maneuvering in the litter box, especially in corners where cats tend to pee.
  • 【ESAY TO USE】 Attached waste bins and waste bags that make cleaning the litter box a whole much easier and more convenient than using a scoop and a separate bag. You will find this cat litter scoop size just perfect enough to maneuver in the litter box - especially in corners where your cats tend to pee.
  • 【SANITARY】 All in one system keeps the mess contained. No more spilled litter. The bags are right there and you can scoop waste and then turn it upside down, the waste does not fall out. Fit all kinds of cat litter.
  • 【AMAZING QUALITY】 Sturdy enough to scoop up even for big chunks. Perfect size holes (6MM), so the clean cat litter can go through. Perfect work with pellet-style litter. Good for poop!
  • 【VALUE BUNDLE】 Includes 120-count refill bags (1 box of 8 bags) lightly scented, bio-degradable, and eco-friendly.
  • 【FAST DISPOSAL】 - When finished, just detach the scoop from the waste bin, tie the waste bag shut, and throw it away.


  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 12x29cm (1cm=0.39inches)

Package Include:

  • 1 x Cat Litter Shovel

Additional Information

with box, with 2pc poop bag, 10 rolls


Customer Reviews

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Daniel R.

Really easy to use, wide scoop and as your collecting the waste the trap door prevents it falling out while your still cleaning the tray. Scoop easily clips off the base so you can tie the waste bag ready for disposal. Bags have a pleasant scent too.


So this scooper does exactly what it promises which is scoop without litter falling all over the place so I can't complain about that. But you do need line the receptacle with the bags it comes with which is extra work.

Keith A.

It is a good idea but the bags don't fit much waste. If you have a small cat with small, tidy leavings, you will be ok, but our cat is old with failing kidneys and tends to leave large urines, they will not fit into this device easily.

Vincent O.

Its great. Keeps you accountable you cannot clean multiple days w the size of bag. Poor kittie needs daily cleaning.

Kevin J.

I like how this container works but it is not big enough to hold the waist from my two cats I have to use it a few times a day to keep their litter box clean.