Durian Shaped Cat Corner Self Groomer In The Corner


Color: Green


Features & Dimensions

  • 360 fancy rubbing itching, a variety of uses of ingenious design to rub if you want
  • Soft material brush needle, comfortable massage, moderate hardness, do not hurt the cat's skin
  • Fix the rubbing point to avoid cats rubbing around, resulting in scattering of floating hair, and effectively reducing the falling of floating hair everywhere
  • Durian thorn, the bionic cat's fingernail, allows the cat to easily experience the comfort of tickling anywhere
  • Two fitting methods, right angle pasting method, side whole arc pasting method

Product Measurements:

  • Material: ABS+PVC
  • Product category: set toy
  • Color: green, yellow
  • Size: 155x86x70cm

Packing list:

  • Self hi toys * 1pcs
Additional Information

Green, Yellow


Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Paul F.

My cat would always rub her face on the wall corners and I could hear her teeth click against the plaster. I got 2 packs of these and now she will go looking for these to rub against. Ive only used the catnip provided to get her started, Ive never had to refill it as she uses it unprompted. They are a lot stiffer than I expected, really hard plastic, but easy to install.

Greg A.

So I have one cat (out of 4) that likes to brush himself. I saw these and thought what they hell...I'll try them. Olaf took to them right away. I screwed one to the kitchen entrance and the other to the cat tree. He uses them regularly, whereas the other cats could care less. I would say they are easy to pop off and clean if needed, but I have not done that yet.

Cathy K.

I have a three-legged cat that has trouble grooming and scratching the left side of his face and neck. He is a long hair and he gets tangles in that area. I use a comb to groom that area and take the tangles out. But he loves this self groomer for when I'm not there to scratch and comb him. I have other cats that took to it right away.

Kathleen Z.

Its gone through the sniff test but right now shes giving it a bit of a wide berth because, well, for no other reason than its new. Im sure shell warm to it eventually. Then Ill install the second one in the kitchen, hopeful that both can be easily removed when the time comes to move/redecorate. Oh, and each one comes with its personal baggie of catnip, although how youre supposed to sprinkle that and it stay on a vertical surface I have no idea.

Tina P.

Wow She uses it every morning. Its fabulous that cleans both sides of her face and she uses it all day and night. And Ive never replaced the cabinet since I got it, and she still uses it.