Earth Animal Cooling Cat Mat

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Color: Terrazzo Ice Mat

Terrazzo Ice Mat
Abstract Geometry Ice Mat

Size: 38X38cm


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Beat the heat with this stylish-looking cooling pad for your pets, that's big enough for cats to curl up and for smaller dogs to rest on. The cooling gel center helps to bring the body temperature down on hot days and after intense activities.  

Made with PP cotton, the surrounding headrest allows your pets to lay their head on a soft cushion-like pillow while cooling down their bodies through the body of the mat. The waterproof and scratch-resistant PVC also makes it easy to wipe down and clean when not in use!  


  • Dog cooling pad: 55*55cm, with a diameter of 550mm, making it more comfortable for cats to lie down and have fun.
  • Pet summer cool pad: Ice-feeling gel resin is used inside, which is cool but not ice, and heat dissipation is uniform. The outside is thickened PVC material, which is strong and wear-resistant. The edge of the nest is filled with elastic pp cotton. The pillow is more comfortable, creating a more relaxing and comfortable environment.
  • Packaging: Simple terrazzo elements and modern geometric abstract patterns, concise and generous, the material is waterproof and stain-resistant, easy to clean, more resistant to scratches, and not easy to stain the hair.
  • Safe and environmentally friendly: Made of natural and safe materials, 100% friendly to animals, humans, and the environment.
  • Variety of use: It can be used as a cat cushion, and can also be used as a cooling cushion for electronic products, a human body cushion, etc., suitable for many occasions in the home and office.
  • Multi-function: You can put the cooling pad directly on the floor, or put it on the kennel, sofa, car seat, bed, nest, cage, etc. For larger animals, it can also relieve muscle and joint pain, swelling, discomfort, and pressure.


  • Remember to supervise your pets while on the mat: scratch-resistant does not mean scratch-proof! Dispose of when there is leakage.


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Terrazzo Ice Mat, Abstract Geometry Ice Mat


38X38cm, 55X55cm


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