Pet Silicone Massage Bath Brush

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Does your pet hate the bath? Do you struggle to clean sensitive areas like their ears, face, and paws?

Our pet bath massage brush saves you time and keeps your dog clean. The one-piece foam reservoir design helps you to save a lot of time squeezing and diluting shower gel. Just dilute the pet shampoo beforehand, then press the top to dispense blisters to your pet‘s fur coat while taking a shower. You can save the shower gel applied and it also makes it easier to create more foam.

Silicone massage bath brush Liquid Soap Dispenser


Just fill up the compartment by unlocking the bottom part of the brush and release the liquid by pressing the squeezy part on the top of the brush while bathing your dog. The shampoo will naturally flow down to the dispenser. This 2-in-1 pet bath brush is made of high-quality, soft silicone, the silicone massage bath cleans your pet while massaging its skin.



  • 2-in-1 Bath Brush Design: This brush can use for bath and grooming. Help remove dirt, mud, and loose hair from your cat's or dogs’ fur and paws and makes it fresh and clean. Can massaging, exfoliating, relaxing, all in one multi-function that make your pet enjoy bathing.
  • Soft Silicone Material: Made of ABS material, BPA-free and harmless. Pet’s groomer is built-in soft silicone bristles to brush, safe, soft, and allows your pet to enjoy and feel comfortable during bathing time.
  • Shampoo Saving: This brush is a one-piece foam reservoir design that can save shower gel, create more foam. And can avoid skin sensitivity caused by using too much shower gel.
  • Easy Clean Wash: Not like other brushes, you could even rinse it thoroughly with water to remove all the hair from the Massage brush. Rinse with flowing clean water after use, and screw off the lid to flush the inside.
  • No-Slip Hand Grip: Our ergonomic design easily fits your hand, with rubber gripping so it is easy to hold! With special non-slip Handgrip to help control the power to make your pet happy. This compact brush is very comfortable to hold and use!
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Derrick H.

This item works wonders.. really easy to use just put soap and a lil water and gently scrub the pet..

Steve F.

Could be made less flimsy\soft but this product makes it easier to brush long haired dogs, especially when they are extra dirty from accidentally playing in mud.

Daniel B.

The top where you put the shampoo in if not careful when putting it on it will push all the way down in, and you have to turn it up side down when finished otherwise if you don't any soap will pour out.

Jeffrey G.

The brush set is great is exactly as in the picture it totally make my work way easier the softer brush makes the bathing progress way easier it makes the soap foam like magic.

Edward A.

I love this product! Makes the task of washing your dogs easier.