Pet Slicker Grooming Brush Comb


Color: Romantic cherry blossom color

Romantic cherry blossom color
Fresh mint color
Gentleman's elegant gray

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With the pet grooming brush, you don't need to spend lots of money and time on the pet grooming shop.

This brush can remove loose hair, eliminate hair knot, dander, and dirt. Clean up fleas and care for your pet's health.

Cat Grooming Brush: Soft brush for cats gently removes loose hair, and eliminates hair knot, dander, and dirt. Clean up fleas and care for your pet's health. Soft and gentle brush are manufactured with round ends so it won't damage or scratch your pet's skin. One-button.


  • Self-cleaning function that pushes the button then the fur on the comb can be easily removed.
  • Massage head comb design, do not hurt pet skin, comfortable & safe.
  • Comfortable touch handle, eco-friendly material.
  • Can be washed by water directly.
  • This product fits cats, small and middle-sized dogs the best, a must-buy in pet fur shedding season.


  • Material: engineering plastics stainless steel
  • Product Category: Comb brush
  • Specifications: romantic cherry blossom color, fresh mint color, gentleman's elegant gray
  • Product application: universal for cats and dogs
  • Product specifications: 193*77*49MM
  •  Plastic, Metal

Package Content

  • 1* Pet Slicker

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Romantic cherry blossom color, Fresh mint color, Gentleman's elegant gray


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jason A.

Bought this brush because I found the furminator was a little too agressive - my cats are loving this brush because of the massaging effect, however it is not proving to be the best at deshedding and hair removal - I am glad I bought it though cause it makes them happy

Alexandra G.

I purchased this brush during Prime Days. My fur babies don't seem to mind being brushed with it. Some of the fur didn't fall off when the button was pushed but it all wiped off easily. Much easier to clean the the other brushes I have. I'm glad I purchased this. It will be used often.

Joshua H.

My cat absolutely loves this brush! She will walk over to it, put her nose on it, then look at me for me to brush her.

Melony E.

My cat usually hates being brushed but she has long hair that I have to shave every once in a while because it gets knotted. So far she's liked this brush and it's so easy to clean.

John H.

I use this on our little labradoodle, she has fuzzy tangly hair which this tackles gently. The push button emptying action is eay to use, making little fluff balls of fur you can use to create mini dogs, boot toe warmers, Santa beards or release on the breeze for birds to collect for nest lining.. Or keep saving for years to stuff your own Dolly Parton costume.