Pet Portable Toilet Pooper Scooper

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NO-TOUCH CLEANING: Hands off that nasty poo! Fluffytempo removes your dog’s mess without you getting into the poopy business. Just pull the handle and watch it scoop the poop directly into the container.

EASY WASTE PICKUP: Fluffytempo portable dog pooper scooper is the ideal solution for pet owners looking to maintain a clean and hygienic environment both indoors and outdoors. Fluffytempo works everywhere from tall grass and gravel to concrete and even snow [it’s coming!🌨️]. Use it in your backyard, on the way to the grocery store, or while having your morning jog with your dog.

FOR ALL PETS: Designed to work with all types of pet waste, including rabbit poop and cat excrement. Fluffytempo pooper scoop is also compatible with both single-use and reusable poop bags, making it a versatile and convenient solution for pet owners looking to maintain a clean and hygienic environment.

GREAT IDEAL: If you're looking for a practical and efficient way to clean up after your dog, the Fluffytempo pooper scooper is the perfect solution. With its compact, portable design, you'll be able to keep your surroundings clean and hygienic while also reducing your pet's impact on the environment. Try it today and discover the difference for yourself!

Structural Designs:

Come in a compact, easy-to-use design that's perfect for pet owners on the go. The lightweight design allows you to easily handle it with one hand, while the ergonomic grip ensures maximum comfort during use. Easy to carry, perfect for carrying by hand, storing in your coat pocket, backpack, car, or just hanging on the dog's harness.

Product Measurements:

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Customer Reviews

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Sara V.

OK this contraption is pretty amazing! I am not sure why nobody has ever thought of this before, and I'm also not sure how I ever lived without it! It is incredibly efficient and simple to use.

Heather L.

The personal poop picker upper arrived very quickly. I can't decide if it's worth the trouble, but for people who cannot handle picking up after those dogs, this would work. I'll catch you later.

Lindsay M.

Perfect for when my kids take the dog for a walk, they don't forget a bag bc it's attached to the leash and they don't argue about whose turn it is to touch the poo. Doesn't prevent bickering inside my house but solves the poo problem!

Alicia H.

I keep this attached to my leash for every walk! It makes the clean up process so much easier. As someone who is squeamish -- THANK YOU!

Lori L.

I Highly recommend this tool. My kids would not take the dog out because they didn't want to deal with the poop scooping. With pupsule they actually take him out.