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Our furry feline friends can also suffer from dry and cracked paw pads. But with our Cat Claw Care Stick, you can provide the same level of care and comfort for your cat's paws as you would for your skin. Keep their paws smooth, soft, and moisturized with our specially designed-formula.

Healthy Paws

Keep your cat's paws healthy 24/7 with the Cat Claw Care Stick - just a couple of daily applications will show amazing results!

Natural Ingredients

Indulge your beloved pets with the Cat Claw Care Stick, made with pet-safe, organic ingredients. Suitable for all furry friends, this stick's nourishing formula will restore their paws to their former splendor, leaving them moisturized and softened.

Avoid Discomfort

For fur parents who truly care for their cats, cracked paws are a constant source of irritation and discomfort, regardless of their age, size, or breed. This ointment will ensure your cat stays active and cozy all year long!

Easy To Use

With a convenient applicator, simply rub the stick onto your cat's paws for a complete and even application. It's that easy!

Product information:

  • Applicable: For areas prone to dryness, cracking, and other issues such as pet foot pads and nose tips.
  • Main ingredients: Brazilian elm wax, Xinzuo/decanoic acid daily oil triesters, camellia seed oil, octyldodecanol, seabuckthorn fruit oil, lanolin, refined olive oil, tocopherol (vitamin E), shea butter
  • Capacity: 6g


  • Clean the dirt and residual foreign objects on the feet of pets and wipe them dry.
  • Apply the cream evenly to the foot pad or nose.
  • Gently massage to help it fully absorb. Pets should be taken care of before bedtime for better results.

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  • Cat Claw Care Stick*1
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