Honey Pot Cup Cat Tree

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Enrich your feline's life with the Honey Pot Cup Cat Tree, a delightful and versatile creation that provides the perfect blend of entertainment, elegance, and coziness. This all-in-one gem offers scratching, relaxation, and interactive engagement, ensuring both you and your cat will be delighted.

Bubble Tea Aesthetics

Add a touch of whimsy to your living area with the iconic bubble tea cup design. It's more than just a cozy space; it's a bold statement that brings a fun element to any style.

Effortless Assembly

Embrace ultimate convenience with the all-in-one design of the Honey Pot Cup Cat Tree - no assembly required! Just open the box and watch your feline friend discover their new haven of pure joy.

Easy-Breezy Scratching

Encourage your cat's natural need to scratch with the sturdy build, providing a satisfying surface that promotes healthy claws and endless enjoyment for your furry companion.

Playful Exploration

Ignite your cat's curiosity with this interactive cat haven, from hanging pearls to a cozy inner nook. Encourage your feline friend to jump, paw, and explore with this exciting and inviting product.

Product Measurements:

Style Height(cm) Width(cm)
Capacity(lbs )
Bubble  66 38 < 18 

*This data was obtained by manually measuring the product, it may be off by 1-2 INCH (2-3CM).

 Packing list:

  • Honey Pot Cup Cat Tree * 1
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Gray, Green, Purple


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