Instant Noodles and Plush Cat's Nest

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Size: S(40*20cm)


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  • Give your furry friend the gift of comfort and security with our plush cat's nest. Crafted from high-quality, skin-friendly materials, this bed ensures that your cat is surrounded by warmth and softness, making it the perfect spot for napping, lounging, or simply relaxing.

  • Designed with your cat's comfort in mind, our cat's nest is perfect for air-conditioned rooms or cold winters. Its plump and skin-friendly construction, combined with high-quality pp cotton padding, improves the flexibility and overall comfort of the bed, making it a luxurious spot for your pet to call home. 

  • The semi-closed instant noodle shape of our cat's nest provides a warm and comfortable residence for your pet. Its unique design resembles a warm and secure embrace, giving your cat a complete sense of security and comfort.

  • Whether your furry friend is a kitten or a full-grown cat, our plush cat's nest is the perfect choice for a cozy and comfortable sleeping spot. Give your pet the gift of comfort and security with our plush cat's nest, the ideal bed for any feline friend.


  • Material: cloth
  • Color: Red Ramen


  • Small/diameter 40*height 20cm [within 6 catties]
  • Large size/diameter 50*height 20cm [within 20 kg]

Package Content:

  • 1 x Cat's Nest

Additional Information

S(40*20cm), L(50*20cm)