New Fish Catnip Toy


Color: Tongue Fish

Tongue Fish
Striped Fish
Small Square Fish
Wave Point Flower Eel
Wave Purple Eel
Green Eel

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Handmade fish pillow for cats to snuggle

Cats find fish to be highly attractive, so why not offer them a fish with which to cuddle and frolic? Our Fish Catnip Toy, crafted from plush materials and with an adorably handcrafted look, is sure to make your cat's heart melt and to enable them to enjoy both fun playtimes and periods of restful slumber.

Soft Plush Fish

Made of a quality plush material for superior softness, the Fish Catnip Toy offers a comforting texture that cats will adore. It's the perfect thing to rest their head on or to use as a cuddly sleeping buddy. They'll rest well with this toy!

Not Just For Nap Time

The toy is also a perfect outlet for your cat's destructive tendencies with its bite-resistant exterior! No more worrying about them chewing your sofa to bits because this toy has it covered! Playtime is going to be even more fun with this!

Lightweight And Simple

No superfluous features here, with precisely what you see is exactly what you receive! Extremely light in weight, this toy is easy to transport even for younger cats and is designed in a manner that facilitates lying down and playing.

Cute Fish Design

Reminiscent of homemade toys with a cottage-core vibe, the Fish Cat Toy is made with love and care, because that's exactly what your cat deserves! There are various options open to you.

Product information:

  • Material: canvas
  • Product category: gnawing toys
  • Color: tongue fish, striped fish, small square fish, wave point flower eel, wave purple eel, green eel

Packing list:

  • Cat toy * 1


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Tongue Fish, Striped Fish, Small Square Fish, Wave Point Flower Eel, Wave Purple Eel, Green Eel


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