Warm Plush Foldable Cat Tunnel Nest
Warm Plush Foldable Cat Tunnel Nest
Warm Plush Foldable Cat Tunnel Nest
Warm Plush Foldable Cat Tunnel Nest
Warm Plush Foldable Cat Tunnel Nest

Warm Plush Foldable Cat & Dog Tunnel Bed

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Size: Tunnel nest 27x27x10cm

Tunnel nest 27x27x10cm

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This will show you a different side of furkids,the one that never stops being a source of joy in your life

WHY Choose Our Tunnel Bed For Cats & Dogs?

✅Soft Plush Material: softer and more comfortable than other tunnels in the market.

✅Great Ventilation:The tunnel can be turned into a round or S-shaped. Meanwhile they can have better interaction with you and the environment.

✅Premium Design: Soft and durable, with full moon shaped mat in the center, plenty of room and fuzz ball for cat or small dog breed to play.

✅Foldable Design :it can be folded to save space at your home.

✅More professional: We are a professional cat tunnel manufacturer, we provide cat tunnels of various sizes and shapes.


Easy To Combine Those Things As We Go Along.



  1. Please allow 1-3 mm error due to manual measurement.
  2. Color might be slightly different due to the color calibration of each individual monitor.
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Tunnel nest 27x27x10cm


Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Betty B.

Just as described! My kitties love it!!

Christine C.

Didn’t realize I was purchasing out of the USA and was charged an international Visa surcharge. A little disappointed in that. My two cats love it! Not sure how long it will last because the material is pretty flimsy.

Maria P.

My cat has never had so much fun she is 16 years old and runs around in it as if she was a kitten very amusing to watch her I put some of her toys in it and she chases them around plus since I made it into a circle instead of a tunnel my little dog won't go in after her.

Ryan A.

My cats love to cuddle up together in the middle and chase each other threw the tube

Karen R.

We foster feral kittens and this is the one thing they always seem to enjoy the most. They absolutely love speeding through the tunnels and waiting for their siblings to pop out from the openings so that they can wrestle them.