3 in 1 Pet Cleaning Remove Comb Cat To Float Pet


Color: Pink


Style: Long hair

Long hair
Short hair

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Total price:$45.85

We sell long hair pet combs and short hair pet combs, please choose according to your pet category.

【Professional cat hair brush】
Regular use of this cat brush for long-haired cats gently and effectively removes loose hair, tangles, knots, dander and trapped dirt. Suitable for short, medium, long, coarse, fine or curly-haired dogs/cats to keep your pet shiny and healthy.
【Skin-friendly comb】
The comb teeth are made of high-quality plastic. As a cat hair removal brush, it's perfect for depilating and massaging your pet without scratching your pet's skin, even sensitive skin.
【3-in-1 Pet Grooming Brush】
You can not only groom your pet, but also clean your pet's body. The package also comes with 10 pieces of beauty essence cleaning wipes, 1 piece can clean the whole body of a cat weighing about 10-15 catties.
There are small serrations on the back of the comb to help you clean clothes and hair on the sofa.
【Durable and washable】
The whole body is designed with a combination of ABS and silicone, which is very durable and can be used in washing.

Product information:

  • Material: ABS+ silica gel
  • Product category: Bath/massage brush
  • Specification: 53*26*190mm color box package
  •  Plastic
  • Package Size:210 x 73 x 46 mm

Packing list:

Silicone brush*1+Wipe*1

Additional Information

Pink, Blue


Long hair, Short hair


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Antonio W.

I really like the product. I have a long haired and a short haired cat and both hate to be brushed for longer than 3 strokes.

Tyler Z.

With this product I got a less 6 stokes from my short haired cat and the long-haired cat let me brush several minutes. Does seem to work better when damp as recommended.