Updated Double - Self Cleaning Litter Scoop


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The self-cleaning feature of the scoop saves time and effort for cat owners, who no longer have to manually clean the scoop after each use.

Durable Material  

Made of PP material, the scoop is durable and reliable, ensuring long-term use.

Suitable for all types of cat litter

The scoop can be used with all types of cat litter, making it a versatile tool for cat owners.

Efficient Design

The scoop's design allows for quick and efficient cleaning of the litter box, reducing the amount of time spent on this chore.

Large size

With a size of 10.2" x 5.5" x 4.3", the scoop is large enough to handle large amounts of litter, making it a convenient tool for cat owners with multiple cats.

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Gray, Pink, Orange


Customer Reviews

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Summer S.

Too small and bags are like tissue paper. Top won't stay close. Not great is you have 2 cats.

Sheena M.

The refill bags store inside the bottom of the cup but do not have an easy tear point so ended up with more than one bag at a time.
Feels like a strong plastic and was easy to rinse off the scoop part. So far we like it

Samantha A.

This product is pretty sturdy. I got it mainly because when my boys cleaned the litter box they hated having to drag the garbage can near. They so had a bad habit of either leaving the scooper in the litter box or placing it where they were unable to find it. This makes the job easier having the scooper and tiny garbage can with a bag all in one. No more leaving the scooper in the litter box and no more losing it. The handle is easy to hold and also makes sure that their hands are nowhere near the mess.

Ieesha A.

I love that this is a bucket and scooper all in one. Please note the bucket is smaller so you will need to be using this frequently for it to be effective. Definitely for sanitary to use than a scooper and open bucket that I typically use!

Jone A.

It's a great tool for our clean pets dirty side. Equally important is what you use as litter . If the litter gets damp and clumpy, don't blame tha tool if the remains get on it and have difficulty cleaning the plastic scoop. Because the scoop is dry . Scooping May result in smearing of poop on the underside and back of the holder. Have some wet wipes handy.