Pet Nail Clippers With LED Light

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Maintaining Your Pet's Nails Should Be Inexpensive and Stress Free...

Your pet's nails can be a source of stress for any pet parent once you hear them tapping on the ground during walks or around the house. It's even more of a problem when they know that unkept nails can lead to health issues down the line.

So how do you best keep nails healthily trimmed without the expensive trips to the vet or groomer? The answer is of course with a robust pair of nail clippers. But not all pet nail clippers are born equal.

Introducing the World's Most Innovative Nail Clippers for Pets

Pet Nail Clippers is a convenient little device that is saving pet owners from expensive trips to the vet and giving back some peace of mind from a once stressful chore.

This innovative yet simple device makes clipping your dogs (or cats) nails quick, painless and mess free.

The main feature is the little flash that is used to light up the nail so you can avoid the quick, a point in the nail that can be incredibly painful for your furry friend.

We've also added a 'nail catcher' container to collect the bits cut off, insuring that you don't need much of a clean up after finishing your grooming session.


Product information:

  • Material: stainless steel, ABS
  • Style: fashion and simplicity
  • Features:with lights
  • Colour: white, pink, green, yellow
  •  Plastic, Metal, Others
  • Package Size:280 x 150 x 50 mm

Packing list:

  • Pet Nail Clipper*1
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White, Pink, Green, Yellow


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