Speaker Brush

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The Cat Grooming Brush Is Gentle And Effective.

The Speaker Brush is a highly effective and efficient tool, designed specifically for long-haired cats. It effortlessly removes loose and tangled fur, saving you the hassle of clean-up. With just a push of a button, your cat's fur will be groomed to perfection.

Premium Cat Brush 

This brush may have an adorable design, but it is constructed with durable metal that can withstand drops from great heights. Even your cat's teeth won't damage it.

Durable & Comfortable

This brush features straight bristles that effortlessly detangle your cat's fur, while the angled bristles on top effectively remove any loose hair in a single stroke. When brushing your long-haired cat, simply move the brush from front to back for optimal results.

Simple Clean Up

The multiple little comb needles have a curved design that makes it easier to catch loose fur from your cat, and it also makes them feel really good! It also has resin adhesive protection tips that make sure your cat doesn't feel any actual prickling on their skin!

Perfect For All Cats

The Speaker Brush is ideal for grooming all types of cats, especially long-haired breeds that can be challenging to maintain. With each brush stroke, you can expect effective results while preserving your cat's gorgeous appearance.

Product information:

  • Material: Others 
  • Product Attributes: Ordinary 
  • Package Size:190*90*60(1mm)
  • Color:Yellow、Pink、Green

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  • Speaker Brush X1
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Yellow, Pink, Green


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